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Runoff Possible in State Senate Seat

The race for the 16th district state senate seat is not over yet.
We're edging closer to the possibility of a runoff election between democrat Leticia Perez and Republican Andy Vidak.

But there are new numbers posted.

CBS 47' s Lemor Abrams joins us live in the newsroom with the latest.

New numbers just came moments ago.

Andy Vidak has dropped below the number needed to win.

100 precincts have reported but all the votes have not been counted.

Democrat Leticia Perez is at 43.8 percent of the vote.

Republican Andy Vidak is at 49.8 percent.

Vidak needs over 50 percent in order to avoid a runoff election.

If runoff does happen, it'll happen in July.

The next round of votes will be posted Tuesday.

Leticia Perez contacted CBS 47 saying she believes there will be a runoff.

Perez released a statement saying "I am grateful that the will of the voters is that Mr. Vidak and I get to challenge each other directly so there can be a clear choice."

We've also reached out to Andy Vidak's office and were told he's not available for comment.

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