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Redskins Controversy at a South Valley School

High Schools around the country have recently dropped similar Native American logos, but Tulare Union has no plans to do that, at least for now.

        The NFL and Washington Redskins have defended the team's name for years but a division of the federal government ruled that the Redskins name was disparaging. On Wednesday federal protections were stripped from the team for six of its trademarks.

        In the South Valley, students and faculty at Tulare Union are paying close attention. High Schools in other parts of the country have recently dropped similar Native American logos and names, but Tulare Union has no plans to do that, at least for now.

        Mark Hatton is Tulare Union's ASB Director and says "if the Washington Redskins changed their name, that would put a tremendous amount of pressure on us to change our name." Tulare Union wouldn't be the first, according to the Capital News Service there are 62 high schools in the country using the Redskins name, that's down from 90 just 25 years ago.

        Most recently, schools in Houston, Texas made the change, but the cost can be expensive. "It would be hundreds of thousands of dollars to change the mascot, uniforms, murals and stuff," said Hatton.

        But students aren't worried about the money, Jauceri Allison plays football for the Redskins and he says the name is part of his dynasty. "My whole family graduated from Union, they're all redskins; to change the name, it messes up everything."

        The 8 letter word was ruled offensive by the U.S. patent office but here it simply means tradition. "We would fight to save it."

        The school has no plans to change the name but faculty says the pressure would be there if the NFL team made that change.

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