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Protests and support of President Obama

Protesters demanding the government stop putting fish before people

Wheels up on Air Force One as President Obama leaves Fresno after his first

But not everyone was happy to see him.

Protesters chanted, drawing attention to water being released into the

"We don't want short term fixes. Yes we want a short term fix of turning off
the water or reduce the amount of water going to the fish and increase the
amount of water going to farmers," sais protestor Paul Singer.

They also want long term solutions like building more damns and increasing
the height of existing ones.

And instead of investing in high speed rail, TEA Party members say that money
should be used to combat the water crisis.

Fresno Police circled the Fresno Yosemite International
Airport to assist the Secret Service in maintaining security,
although demonstrators at the main vantage point on Chestnut did
not get out of hand.

Some folks like Frank Gomez were more excited to see the President's plane
than anything else.

"I think it's just the size and the publicity that comes behind it," said
spectator Frank Gomez.

The President also had his share of supporters, the majority gathered with
binoculars for the slim chance to get a glimpse at the Commander-In-Chief. 

Parents even took their children out of school early for the chance to
witness history, kids like 13-year-old Isaac Brown.

"Just really cool to see, get to see him fly by," said Brown.

And others even cashed in on the President's visit, selling posters with his

The overall spirit of the crowd, patriotic and aware of the drought that
brought the President to Fresno.

"Hoping that he'll see that we really need some help," said Sherry

A feeling being felt all over the Valley.

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