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Protecting President Obama in Fresno

Fresno Police coordinate with Secret Service ahead of presidential visit
It's like a scene from a war zone.
An attention grabbing Osprey aircraft swooping in for landing, fighter jets on the tarmac, an Air Force cargo plane on standby, and two helicopters designated 'Marine One' when the Commander-In-Chief is onboard, all signs that President Barack Obama is coming to town.
"I would love to see him and shake his hand you know. The President is famous to me," said David Caldwell.
He is not alone.
While Caldwell is looking forward to the chance of catching a glimpse of the President, the seriousness of the trip is on his mind.
"I'm a fisherman and I love to fish. With the drought going really bad it's kind of tearing up Fresno," said Caldwell.
While most are focused on the water crisis, Fresno police are zeroed in on possible threats.
"Any time you have the President come to town," said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, "It's a major operation."
The chief is coordinating with the Secret Service from a command center.
Dyer says his department is no stranger to large scale security operations.
"We've done it a lot of times over the years. It's something we have to plan for, something we have to prepare for but not anything that we're not used to," said Dyer.
George W. Bush was the last sitting President to make a pit stop in Fresno back in 2003.
Many like Don McGugin are hopeful the current President can make a difference, with California agriculture in dire straights.
"I think it will focus the Senate and Congress and Sacramento on the problems we have here because the San Joaquin Valley is the breadbasket of the entire world.
With arguably the most powerful man in the world landing in Fresno, security will be tight.
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