Police Crackdown on Drivers During St. Patrick's Celebrations

Police Crackdown on Drivers During St. Patrick's Celebrations

Police covered all the hotspots from St. Patrick's Day bar parties, to private parties.
Police across the Valley are out in force.

The saturation patrols, know as "Avoid the 21" are designed to keep our streets safe.

The patrols are going on all night long.

KSEE24's Lemor Abrams joins us live from Old Town Clovis with more on the crackdown.

It was a sea of green, from sparkling green accessories to beer...bubbling green.

Where there's a "St. Paddy's Day" celebration, there's cops.

Sgt. Weibert of Clovis P.D says he's looking out for people who aren't driving the way they should.

"Whether it's because they're under influence, or not paying attention...ultimately our goal is traffic safety," said Sgt. Weibert.

Police are covering all the hotspots...from bar parties, to private parties.

"We don't just focus our enforcement on the bars, don't hang in parking lots. We look citywide," said Sgt. Weibert.

But at a party like the one at Groggs Irish Bar, there's a lot of well-thought out partiers.

"Definitely not taking the risk and driving tonight," said one patron.

Some people are leaving with party buses, others have arranged for a convenient car service, like "We Be Sober," where sober drivers drive people and their car back home.

"It  allows people to even have more to drink, and not  have to rely on that designated driver who may have a drink later on that night," said a "We Be Sober" driver.

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