P*DE*Q Debuts New GF Line on Sunrise Before Food Expo

P*DE*Q Debuts New GF Line on Sunrise Before Food Expo

P*DE*Q Owner Flavia Takahashi-Flores, of Fresno, debuted her new gluten-free line on Sunrise with Carina Corral.
A valley business owner is hoping luck will strike twice at Thursday's Fresno Food Expo.

P*DE*Q Owner Flavia Takahashi-Flores debuted her new gluten-free line on Sunrise with Co-Anchor Carina Corral.

CARINA: "For people who don't know what P*DE*Q is, let them know."

FLAVIA: "It's Brazilian inspired cheese bread. It's made of tapioca flour so they're naturally gluten free. We sell them freshly baked in our stores, but we also sell them in retail stores frozen so you just take them home and bake them." 

CARINA: "And your locations?"

FLAVIA: "My locations are across Fresno High and our bakery is on the northwest corner of Fresno and Herndon."

CARINA: "P*DE*Q was picked up by Costco at the Fresno Food Expo last year? How has business been for you?"

FLAVIA: "It's been good. We've been able to steady grow the account with Costco and our last food truck load sold out within two months."

CARINA: "Wow. So there's very limited, if any, left in Costco because they sold out?"

FLAVIA: "Yes, in the region it's all sold out."

CARINA: "That's great. Bad for customers because we want to get our hands on it but we can still go to your two locations, but great for you guys and now at this year's expo you're rolling out a new line."

FLAVIA: "Correct, we are lining out our PizzaQ line. It's a dough ball and a pizza crust. Our idea is to offer a gluten free pizza dough where kids and their families can enjoy a family pizza night together. And also for food service for people who have restaurants but no way to serve their gluten free customers because they don't have a crust. Now they can buy from us already baked and serve their customers with special dietary needs."

CARINA: "You were also saying other companies don't have the dough, they may sell the gluten free crust but they don't sell the dough they can make at home."

FLAVIA: "Yes, the dough is refrigerated and it's very soft so you can stretch into any type of format. At the bakery we even did pretzels, we did breadsticks for your soups. It's really a great product to have in your pantry."

CARINA: "Well thanks for coming in and good luck. I know the goal is to get another buyer."

FLAVIA: "right. Our goal is to get our PizzaQ line and have another buyer at retail stores."

The 2014 Fresno Food Expo is Thursday, July 24, at the Fresno Convention & Entertainment Center's new exhibit hall. It's open to the public from 5pm until 8pm and tickets can be purchased for $40.
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