Opa! What to Expect at Fresno Greek Fest This Weekend

Opa! What to Expect at Fresno Greek Fest This Weekend

Three days of Greek dancing, music and food take place this weekend at the 54th Annual Fresno Greek Fest.
It's an event that many in the valley look forward to every year. Three days of Greek dancing, music and especially food take place this weekend. Peter Vallis was on Sunrise with more on the 54th Annual Fresno Greek Fest.

PETER: "These are just a small portion of the 30,000 pastries we made this next weekend."

CARINA: "Now you said you guys start cooking in June?"

PETER: "In June, we start doing all the preparing and we cook all summer long. I think we're just finishing today."

CARINA: "Wow. So what's being cooked up for Greek Fest."

PETER: "Beyond the array of pastries that people seem to love more and more every year. We've got everything from lamb shanks to homemade sausages to gyros, spinach wrapped in phyllo, another item that's similar but without the spinach. We've got different multiple kinds of grilled lamb. We have lamb on sticks, pork on sticks, we've got lucomadas, which are  kind of like a donut hole except they're dunked in honey and nuts and cinnamon. We have ice cream, Greek yogurt for the health conscience. This year we have a huge array of things for kids to do, but for those of you upset with your property taxes, you can dunk the county assessor for the entire event."

CARINA: "Haha! That's worth the trip alone, right?" 

PETER: "Exactly."

CARINA: "So after all of the indulging you can dance the night away right? Dance all those those calories off."

PETER: "Dance the calories off. We have a fantastic band from southern California. We've got shopping if you want to find some stuff from Greece to take home. We do it all under mister, so of course the weather is looking pretty good this weekend, so we may not even have to turn those on."

CARINA: "It is. Thank you, Heidi, for that. So it's Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Friday starts at 4pm, Saturday and Sunday at 11am. What's the best way to get tickets?"

PETER: "The easiest way is to go to our website, fresnogreekfest.com. We offer a discount if you go online, you just print your tickets at home and come right on in."

CARINA: "You were also saying you can donate a canned good as well." 

PETER: "Yes, during our daytime hours from 11am to 6pm if you bring a canned good you get in free."

CARINA: "Nothing better than that because you're helping out food banks and the needy out there as well."

PETER: "Exactly, especially in our neighborhood, east Central Fresno, can use some help so we like to give back as much as we can?"

CARINA: "I love that. 54th year sure to be a success, bigger and better than ever. Go indulge dance the night away help out charity. It's win win all around."
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