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Olympic Dreams: Former Olympic Snowboarder Andy Finch

Follow the athlete's journey to the Olympics
        The amazing talent and drive in the competitors for this year's Winter Olympics are nothing short of inspiring.
        For many athletes, becoming an Olympian is the ultimate prize, but what does it take to get reach that Olympic level? And what if your child has an undeniable talent, what steps should you take?
         Angela Greenwood breaks it all down tonight in her special report.

        "There's something just visually that snow boarding that just captivated me," said Andy Finch. The former Olympic snowboarder's dream began at China Peak 20 years ago.
        The Fresno native was just 12-years-old when he saw his first snowboarder, performing tricks and jumps he'd never seen before.
        "From that point on I never changed my mind. i wanted to be a professional snowboarder," said Finch.
        Andy and his dad, Cliff, became weekend warriors, heading to the mountain in their motor home to save money on motels. Andy's eyes were on the Olympic prize.
        First traveling to regional and national competitions, and in 2006, reaching Olympian status.
        "It was just this crazy, crazy high of no way did this just happen," said Finch.
        "We said when he was young whatever it was he wanted to do we would encourage it," said Joanie Finch, Andy's mom. "You just encourage it you find what avenues there are for them, and then you find away to do it, in an affordable way," she said.
       Maria Nogin's daughter, Katya is an Olympic figure skater hopeful, "I would really love to be an Olympic skater." Between Gateway Ice Rink in Fresno and trips to L.A. ice rinks every other weekend, she trains with a coach about 15 hours a week.
        "If you want to be an Olympian, you're going to face some challenges and it's going to be a matter of knowing you have it in you."
        "Whether it's possible or not, for someone to be an Olympian, I'd say i'm living proof," said Finch.

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