Olympian Alcorn returns to valley as a trainer

Olympian Alcorn returns to valley as a trainer

Buchanan High School alum Kyle Alcorn talks about his new career at Athletic Performance as a trainer, competing in the Olympics, and retiring from the steeplechase track.

GEORGE TAKATA: it's not every day you have an olympian in the building - from buchanan high school to the 2012 london olympic games... kyle alcorn has competed against the best steeplechasers in the world - now he's back in the valley giving back to track and field as a coach - kyle thanks for joining us today and welcome back.

KYLE ALCORN: thank you.

GEORGE TAKATA: you just moved back what, a couple months ago?

KYLE ALCORN: a couple of months ago now, yep.


going to be training at athletic performance in clovis with dave and cam - just talk about first of all your event the steeplechase and what that event was all about.

KYLE ALCORN: steeplechase is a unique event - almost 2 miles of a race - you've got about 5 hurdles a lap and one of them has a water jump behind it so it's definitely something different that most people probably don't recognize on the track but it's definitely a fun event.

GEORGE TAKATA: to participate in the london olympics - what was that like - must have been a great experience.

KYLE ALCORN: yeah, every time i get asked that question... competing in the olympics is always hard to answer -  it's just one of those things that's a once in a lifetime culmination of your dreams to be able to do something like that.

GEORGE TAKATA: now in 2004 you were the usa junior champion - collegiate championships at the ncaa outdoors champion in 2008 with arizona state because you were with oregon and then you transferred - and then of course 9th in group b at the olympic games heats in the steeplechase in london in 2012 - are you excited to start your coaching career?

KYLE ALCORN: i am - it's always something that i wanted to do when i moved back to fresno - to be able to give back to the youth in fresno, to help them out, to try to get them to the next level - hopefully make an olympic team in the long run or make professional teams, whatever the case may be - really looking forward to that.

GEORGE TAKATA: there really is something to be said about being trained locally - you were born here in the valley went to buchanan high school - then you had a trainer here, david standifer, he's a valley guy - and now you're going to be kind of doing the same thing and hopefully growing the next generation of olympians - kids and adults you'll be training as well?

KYLE ALCORN: yeah, i'll be working with adults as well - also working with anybody from the 5k to the marathon - reaching their goals, whatever that may be - whatever they're trying to do - break 4 hours in the marathon, trying to push their limits a little bit - just trying to help out with them as well.

GEORGE TAKATA: when are you going to start training people at athletic performance?

KYLE ALCORN: we're going to start next month - september - i'll start working at the gym, start working with some people and start getting things going.

GEORGE TAKATA: it must be weird to come back home after you've been gone for so long because clovis and fresno has changed a little bit.

KYLE ALCORN: it has - fresno cnd clovis has grown a ton - every time i came back to visit for the holidays there was always new shopping centers or new things going on so it's good to be back full time now - i'm happy.

GEORGE TAKATA: you think you'll enjoy this next phase of your career - i know every athlete i talk to when they retire so to speak it's tough at first but you get used to it because you're still involved i the sport - do you think that's going to happen with you too?

KYLE ALCORN: i think so as well - that's kind of what i want to do at this point is be involved in the sport but not from a competing standpoint - more so of a coaching standpoint - i had a lot of fun when i was competing but it definitely takes a toll and stress on the body so i'm looking forward to giving back now.

GEORGE TAKATA: well, it was fun watching you compete and it's great having you back - see you at athletic performance kyle - we'll be right back.

KYLE ALCORN: thank you.




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