Oakhurst Community Has Tainted Water

Oakhurst Community Has Tainted Water

A community in Oakhurst is being warned that their drinking water has been contaminated.
A community in Oakhurst is being warned not to drink their water. Madera County Environmental health is warning residents of the Oakhurst Mobile Home Estates their water has been soiled by fecal bacteria and not even boiling the water will make it safe.

Residents of the mobile home community were notified by phone and by written notice of the water contamination. They were told not to drink, cook or wash with their water because it could make them sick.

"It's very scary to think that type of stuff is in the water," resident Wanda Schmitz said.

The park residents are all over 55. 98 year old Robbie Robinson says he is going to go out and buy water.

"It's inconvenient. I can't cook with it, brush my teeth or anything like that," Robinson said.

The notices residents received had mixed information. With some pages saying to boil the water, while other pages warned not even boiling the water would make it safe.

"They said they wanted me to boil the water before I drank it, but no I got this notice saying don't boil the water drink bottled water," Robinson said.

Madera County has confirmed boiling the water would not make it safe. The park manager gave residents a gallon of water each, but many say it's not enough.

"By the time you get up in the morning, you brush your teeth a gallon of water only goes so far. None of us have done our dishes or showered or anything," Schmitz said.

The notices did explain a possible cause. A cross connection between a water line and a septic system may have contaminated the water. The park manager says they have activated an automatic chlorinator to clean the water system.

Madera County will notify residents when the water is safe to drink.

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