New Route For High Speed Rail Nears Approval

New Route For High Speed Rail Nears Approval

The high-speed rail is one step closer to approving the route from Fresno to Bakersfield.
The next 24-hours could change the way the Central Valley...and the state of for decades to come.

Lemor Abrams joins us live at Fresno City Hall where both sides
of the issue sounded off.

To some, it's just thousands of pages.

The rail authority's new environmental report details the Fresno to
Bakersfield route, which will cut right through Joe's 3rd generation dairy farm
near Hanford.

900 cows and 700 acres of feed crops are at stake.

"General people don't pay attention to what's going on...unless you're
adversely affected...Just pay you for the trees we take out. We'll pay you for
whatever we tear up... that's been their response," Machado said.

Joe says the rail authority sold it to him as a project that would have gone
along the present train route, yet the plan has since changed.

Officials say what they've crafted has taken eighteen months of research.

"Because of the speed of the trains...we have to go in a straight line-which
does cause severance of property parcels," said Rail Manager Gary Kennerley.

Fresno State students sporting "I will ride" T-shirts say they'll take

"It'd be sad to lose your farm but at the same time...but it's helping
millions of people," said Fresno State Student Katie Emmons.

But even those homeowners...who might loose their homes to the train, believe
it'll happen sooner or later.

"It's up to us to tell em we're not happy-they haven't done their job
correctly...but we understand...they will vote yes tomorrow," said Rail Opponent
Jerry Fagundes.

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