Murder Investigation in Parlier

Murder Investigation in Parlier

Officers arrested a man for allegedly shooting and killing his next door neighbor.
A shooting investigation in Parlier has now turned into the city's first murder case of the year.

Detectives say a fight between two men living next door to each other on 7th Street ended with gunfire Friday afternoon.  The victim passed away at the hospital in the evening.  Officers were able to arrest the suspect.

"We don't know if there was an ongoing feud between the neighbors or what the exact of today's events were," said Lt. Mark Padilla of the Fresno Co. Sheriff's Dept.

Police say they have not responded to either of these homes for problems in the past.

"It's just tragic for this to happen here in Parlier," said Abel Ruiz, a friend of the victim.
Abel Ruiz was close friends with the victim.  He identifies him as 39-year old Artie Gomez, a husband and father to six children who also coached teenagers in a parlier youth football league.

"He's always there when you need him, always smiling, never had any conflict with anyone.  Just a great person to get along with," said Ruiz.

The violent outburst didn't just impact the families of the victim and suspect, the large, taped off crime scene prevented people from returning to their homes.  Yulma Martinez needed to pickup her 11-year old son from her mother's house.  She expects to field a lot of questions from him.

"I don't try to hide things from him.  I just tell him things can happen and be careful you know," said Yulma Martinez.

Deputies are not saying who the suspect is, just that he won't be seen on this street anytime soon.

"It's great to know he's behind bars and hopefully some justice can be done, but it's still not going to bring him back," said Ruiz.

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