Mothers Continue Immigration March

Mothers Continue Immigration March

A group of pro-immigration protesters continue their march from the Central Valley to the U.S. Mexico border.
A group of pro-immigration protesters continue their march from the Central Valley to the Mexican border.

The 11 mothers, known as Trail for Humanity, started their 350 mile journey in Merced Tuesday. Then onto Madera by Wednesday, where they were met with open arms. The community held a rally with food, music and motivational speakers.

"Everyday knowing there is a crowed of people who have also taken their time to come and be a reflection with us as well is motivation," Valeska Cataneda said.

With hot temperatures the road to Madera was not easy.

"I think it's because yesterday we were pumped on adrenaline," Cataneda said. "We've been organizing this march so we were just anticipating it. Today the last five miles where much harder to get through."

Trail for Humanity is hoping as they continue their journey they inspire others to have compassion for the thousands of children at the border seeking asylum.

"I will probably never meet these children and they will never meet me but I am them and they are me. And I think everyone should see it that way that we are all one," Melissa Padilla, one of the marchers said.

But many do not see it that way. Across the nation many opinions on immigration clash. Protests continue while the government debates the fate of thousands of children who have fled here.

For the 11 women marching, it's those children that motivates them to take another step.

"We are coming with our message of humanity and for the next couple of days we are going to show the world how deep the will of humanity can run when it refuses to remain silent," Cateneda said.

On Thursday the group will walk to Fresno. They will march to City Hall starting at 4pm from N Blackstone Avenue & Shaw Avenue. 

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