MOPS: Moms Support Group Offered Throughout the Valley

MOPS: Moms Support Group Offered Throughout the Valley

Carina Corral kicked off a weekly segment on Sunrise this morning for moms. Today, she focused on the importance of support groups.
Carina Corral kicked off a weekly segment on Sunrise Tuesday morning for moms. Today, she focused on importance of support groups.

Her first guest was Katie Valorosi, a team leader with a local group call MOPS.

Katie: "I feel that MOPS is really the place I've been able to find community on this journey of parenting. Being a mom you dream about it as a kid you dream of this perfect scenario and sometimes it's really hard. And there's surprises you don't expect so having some other moms to go through life with is critical." 

Carina: "It's nice to know you're not alone out there. And other moms are having these same feelings that your having. Especially with social media everybody's life looks sometimes perfect on social media, Facebook, but it's nice to know some other moms are feeling the same way. So what are some of the services offered my MOPS. MOPS is "Mothers of Preschoolers," but really you incorporate all moms.

Katie: "Right. So the international group is "Mothers of Preschoolers," but our MOPS group caters to all moms from their first pregnancy through adoption, whatever means it is you become a mom through elementary school kids, as well. So just supporting moms all the way through the journey."

Carina: "So what kinds of services to do your offer?"

Katie: "We meet twice a month and our meeting consists of pot luck style dinners. We have different speakers who will talk about everything from early childhood development, birthing panels, we also do crafts and different things throughout the year some of us have that creative edge we like to express and don't necessarily have the time to do it at home. Also we just celebrate. We do Christmas parties, we had an ugly sweater contest and we've done mom prom this last year and this last spring. Mostly it's just a place where authentic friendships can form, where meaningful mentorships can form, as well.  There are mentors are each group of table for moms, too."

Carina: "Wonderful organization. Thanks for being here this morning. You guys are focused in Fresno, but there are groups throughout the valley. If you're in Madera, Coarsegold, Oakhurst. I know I saw groups in different towns throughout the valley. The MOPS group in Fresno starts Sept. 11, Thursdays, 6:30-8:30pm. The number is there on your screen, 559-226-4100. You can also visit the website,

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