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Miss California In-Studio Before Handing Over the Crown

Before she hands over the reigns, current Miss California Crystal Lee was on Sunrise talking about the competition and what it's been like to be Miss California for the past year.
Miss California contestants are nearing the end of their week long competition. Saturday, a new Miss California will be crowned.

Before she hands over the reigns, current Miss California Crystal Lee was on Sunrise talking about the competition and what it's been like to be Miss California for the past year. 

Carina: We have to say welcome back. You were her the Monday after you were crowned a year ago. So how has it been this least year. Was it wa whirewind?

Crystal: It's been a total whirlwind. First off i'm so thankful to come full circle because my first appearance after I was crowned was coming to your station right here in this very studio, and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to promote my platform. My platform is encouraging women in STEM, Science Technology Engineering and Math.
Having the crown and the support of this organization and having that voice to spread the message that we need more girls in technology has been one of the most rewarding achievements this year. 

Carina: Such an important message and I like to say your combining beauty with brains which is so important girls need that message that you can have both. I love that. We gotta get more girls into this field.
So how do you plan on moving that forward.

Crystal: I'll be working with GOOGLE in August. GOOGLE has a lot of initiative to give back . I plan to volunteer with them, working with a couple of non-profits. One of them is CHICKTECH, based in Portland. They hold conferences for girls to bring them into the math and science and tech departments of local community colleges just to encourage them to know what its like to be excited about technology and the careers that those industries offer.  So I'll always be an advocate, my mom works in technology so I feel very blessed to have great role models. And having the opportunity to be Miss California isn't just about beauty it's about encouraging young girls to not just take pride in being smart. If I had to choose one, I always encourage them you want to be smart that carries you much father in life , but we also can be both.

Carina: we can be both, definitely. I love that message. Let's talk about Miss California, because you were runner up to be Miss America. We were rooting for you, we were so excited when we heart that. How was that moment? 

Crystal: Well, it was exhilarating. It was terrifying., fulfilling. In that moment, I had no idea what was going to happen. My whole goal was just to make the top five because the scoring system allows you to have control of your ability to get in the top five. Once you're in the top five the judges rank you regardless of score, so i just felt really happy that I was able to put California on the map. We have such great people and i love that i was able to represent them in this competition. 

Carina: You've done a great job. You're going to give up the crown tomorrow. Good luck with that. Good choice of outfits by the way. 

Crystal: I know, we're matching. 

Carina: Great minds think alike. Thanks so much for being here...always a pleasure.
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