Man shot by stray bullet in Fresno

Man shot by stray bullet in Fresno

A man is in critical condition after he was shot by a stray bullet at a Fresno apartment complex.
UPDATE --The victim, 65-year-old Gerald Perry died Saturday afternoon.

Fresno Police have arrested 30-year-old Lemont Smith in connection with this shooting.

Police say Smith negligently discharged a semi-automatic handgun while at the Arbor Ridge apartment complex.

The bullet fired from Smith's gun traveled through a sliding glass door and struck Gerald Perry in the head.

Perry was as his granddaughters apartment sitting on the couch when he was struck by the bullet.
A man is recovering after being shot by what may have been a stray bullet.

It happened at an apartment complex on Ashlan and Feland in Fresno around 7:30 p.m. Friday.

Police say 65 year-old Gerald Perry was sitting in his apartment when the shots were fired.

They say a bullet went through the wall and he was hit in the head.

He was taken to a nearby hospital and is in critical condition.

Police are interviewing witnesses tonight to find out what happened.
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