Man and Car Reunite

Man and Car Reunite

Police have returned a 1952 Chevy Deluxe to a Fresno man dying of cancer. The classic car was stolen about a month ago.
74-year old Ken Colombini worked up the strength to climb into his wheel chair and roll out to his driveway to get a glimpse of the car he worked so hard to rebuild and give as a gift to his daughter.

"That's it.  Looking good," remarked Ken Colombini.

Sadly, Colombini is counting down the days of his life as he battles an incurable form of prostate cancer.

"I never thought I'd see it again," said Colombini.

Nearly a month ago, thieves broke into a building, punched a hole in the wall and crawled into his neighboring shop to steal the 1952 Chevy Deluxe.

Fast forward to last night at a home on rancho drive in Fresno's Sunnyside District.  Police found the car parked in a garage.  Amazingly, it was still in pristine condition.

"Everyday it just seemed like it was slipping further and further away.  It didn't seem like it was going to happen," said Eric Colombini, son of the car theft victim.
Eric Colombini says an anonymous tip from a citizen steered police to where his dad's car was being stashed.

"It was wonderful to see there are people out there who care and want to help," said Eric Colombini.

Investigators are calling the home a chop shop because there were a handful of other classic cars here.

"This is something he maybe does on a regular basis.  Restore classic cars, strips them or vin switches them.  There's a lot to look at," said Sgt. Tim Tietjen, Fresno Police Dept.

Two people have been arrested.  40-year old Nena Luna and her 21-year old son, Luis Villarreal.  Police searched their home and found six guns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, bulldog gang apparal and drugs.

"The investigation is going to take a lot of different roads here.  We're going to be able to find out so much more about this community of bulldogs and what they're capable of," said Sgt. Tietjen.

Colombini can now relax knowing both of his children will have a collectible to remember him by.

"They'll each have a car as a momento," said Colombini.

Colombini isn't taking anymore chances.  This weekend he's going to be handing over the keys to the car to give to his daughter so she can take it back home to northern California.  
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