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Madera County Emergency Alert Test

And if you live in Madera County, a new county-wide emergency test is coming your way on May 15th.

The Madera County Sheriff's Department has an upgraded emergency alert system.
And if you live in Madera County, a new county-wide emergency test is coming your way on May 15th.
Lemor Abrams shows us how it works.

On May 15th, Madera residents will hear an operator on the other end of the

It's no telemarketer.

This is the voice that wants to make sure you're ok, in case of

But this time, it's just a test.

"Yah other than a buddy system you don't really have anyone that can really
check on you so," said Laura Bettencourt of Madera.

The Madera County Sheriff's Department wants to be in charge of checking in
on you when there is an type of threat in town.

Like a massive wildfire such as last summer's rim fire that scorched about
260,000 acres near Yosemite.

It's now on record as the third largest wildfire in California's history.

"We could very well have a major fire and its...time to test it," said
Sheriff John Anderson.

Sheriff John Anderson is urging residents to sign up for the test. It may
come in via text, call, email...whatever you  choose when you sign up.

"We will say that we are testing the system...and I think we will probably
ask for a response from people...did they get the alert," said Sheriff Anderson.

To sign up for the alerts, all it takes is a quick visit to the Sheriff's
Department to fill out some paperwork, or a quick visit to the emergency
website: www.MCalert.org.

It's free, easy to use, and above all...aimed at keeping Madera safe and

Jesus Gomez isn't too computer savvy so will have his daughter log on for

He's been in emergency-planning mode since the earthquakes in Southern

"Well you know, people don't like to think about those things but you
know...they come...and you will never know," said Gomez of Madera.

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