Lawless Felon Taken into Custody After Weeks of Chaos

Lawless Felon Taken into Custody After Weeks of Chaos

A felon with a lengthy criminal record was taken into custody after a chase through three businesses. Randy Lee Grill has been on the run for the past several weeks after a series of carjackings and violent crimes.
Fresno Sheriff's deputies say a felon with a lengthy criminal record is in custody and he's facing more than ten felony counts after a chase through three businesses.

Sheriff's deputies say Randy Grill is the same man involved in a car jacking that took place a few weeks ago.

Deputies first saw Grill last Friday morning in a smoking, stolen four runner on Highway 99.

"Stopped to see if anyone was injured, as they were doing so, they saw the driver get out of the car, and run to the back, take a bike, a mountain bike out of the vehicle," said Chris Curtice, Deputy Sheriff. 

Curtice says 26-year-old Grill tossed the bike over the fence of an RV shop.

"Ordered him to stop, he jumped the fence, and the chase was on," said Curtice.

During the chase, Curtice says the chain on Grill's bike came off. Grill continued on foot in the direction of Cedar and Muscat Avenues.

Witnesses say from there Grill ran into the office of Central Transport and grabbed a pair of keys from the manager's desk.

Deputies say, Grill ran out of the office onto the dock, found himself trapped by barbed wire and decided to jump for it.

"He saw a small minivan that was parked nearby, he jumped on top of it and was able to get onto the roof and jump over the fence that way," said Curtice.

Bako Oganyan works at Express Truck Service where authorities eventually arrested Grill.

He says a coworker who trains in mixed martial arts pulled Grill out of a truck he was trying to steal.

Oganyan says the worker held Grill down until law enforcement arrived.

Deputies say Grill had committed a robbery just three hours before the chase.

He is now being held at the Fresno County Jail.
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