Launching the #CAGROWN Initiative

Launching the #CAGROWN Initiative

Ryan Jacobsen, the CEO of the Fresno County Farm Bureau, joined us on KSEE 24 Sunrise to talk about how the valley's agriculture also helps attract tourists to our area.

RYAN JACOBSEN: bringing folks to the farm - letting them experience - believe it or not, there's a huge renaissance in folks wanting to come visit what we have here going on in our backyard - between the california grown and visit california they've developed a partnership to really take advantage of this.

GEORGE TAKATA: what does agri-tourism mean to the valley in terms of money and jobs?

RYAN JACOBSEN: in california it's like 112-113 billion dollars in terms of the actual number of tourism dollars coming in here - when we look at fresno county by itself about 1.3 billion dollars and that's a number we can obviously greatly expand - for every dollar that comes in here it means additional dollars going into our economy.

GEORGE TAKATA: talk about the california grown campaign a little more.

RYAN JACOBSEN: california grown campaign is really to promote what we do so wonderfully here in california - we forget about it all the time, i know we say it but here in our backyard we have the best produce to be found in the world - it's really just taking advantage of that, talking about how great these products are - i think everybody's knowledgeable about this famous license plate that we have - it's meant to brand our food and produce that we produce here, and really to show it off to the world and the nation.

GEORGE TAKATA: that's a great basket of food that you brought - i like the old school california license plate too - talk about karen ross - the secretary of ag is going to be in fresno today to talk about this, right?

RYAN JACOBSEN: that's right - secretary ross, as well as the director of visit california is going to be here in fresno today to talk about the partnership and all the excitement that's been generated about this partnership - really it ultimately comes down to trying to bring additional dollars - not only to agriculture but to the local economy, to california - and so this partnership is to take advantage of that - tell everybody what's at take here - all the fun stuff you can do up here.

GEORGE TAKATA: of course, agriculture is big here and we always like to show it off - ryan jacobsen, the c-e-o of the fresno county farm bureau, thanks for joining us this morning.

RYAN JACOBSEN: thank you.

GEORGE: we'll be right back.

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