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Launch Party for Local Man's Amazing Comeback Story, "Rebound"

Karl Johnson's brother ended up an NBA All-Star, but Karl was on the streets after time in prison. He ended up in Fresno and was determined to succeed. Through shoe shining and some friendly folks, he made his "Rebound." Launch party 5:30pm Thursday, Downtown Club, Fresno.
Karl Johnson has an amazing story to tell. While his brother became an NBA All-Star, he ended up on the streets after serving time in prison. Looking for a fresh start, he came to Fresno, where he started by shining shoes. His determination to succeed, coupled with the friendliness of strangers and the First Steps Home, led to a shoe shine business and job at the Downtown Club.

He and Samantha Bauer tell his story in the new book "Rebound." It explores why some people can choose to soar, despite their circumstances. You can attend the launch party at the Downtown Club Thursday, Feb. 20th at 5:30pm in Downtown Fresno.
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