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Large mulch fire at plant in Terra Bella leaves one injured

The Tulare County Fire Department was called in Saturday to help contain a blaze that had been burning for seven days.
A large mulch pile fire at Sierra Forest Product in Terra Bella leaves one person injured and a firetruck damaged. Fire officials say this fire had been burning for the past seven days.

Around 1 p.m. Tulare County fire crews responded to the fire that they say had been burning the past seven days in a large mulch pile. Workers at the Sierra Forest Product plant had been working throughout the week to suppress the fire by moving the mulch to another location and applying water. Today the fire got out of hand after the workers left around noon. Strong winds caused the pile to erupt into flames. The fire department was called to contain the fire and they soon had the blaze under control.

One person was sent to the hospital due to smoke inhalation. A fire truck also sustained burn damage during the incident. An estimated $12,500 in damage to mulch was caused by the fire.
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