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Kiss Country morning host shaves her head

Jody Jo from 93.7 Kiss County decided to get rid of all her hair before breast cancer treatments do.
Days after going public with breast cancer, a local radio host took her next step towards beating it. 

93.7 Kiss Country's Jody Jo invited friends and family to her home Thursday night to see her shave her head.

Jody Jo just started chemotherapy and decided to get rid of all her hair before breast cancer treatments did. "This makes it all come together," said Jody Jo.

After discovered a lump in her breast during a self examination and learning she will need to have a double mastectomy, Jody Jo decided to go public. "If I can make an impact on a few lives, one life, ten lives... women that can check themselves ahead of time, before... that's my goal," said Jody Jo.

Jody Jo feels she has the personality to pull off her bald head and is staying positive through the experience for her radio fans, friends and family.

Jody Jo is 38-years-old and was not scheduled to have a mammogram for another two years, but doctors says she most likely would not have made it two more years.

Jody Jo plans to keep her fight public and spread the message of self examination is key to saving lives.
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