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Kennedy-Monroe Sex Tape?

A Visalia man claims to have video proof of JFK, Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe engaged in a sexual act.

For more than 50 years we've heard rumors of JFK and Bobby Kennedy being romantically involved with Marilyn Monroe, but we've never had concrete evidence. 
Now, a valley memorabilia collector named William Castleberry claims to have video proof of the three allegedly engaged in a sexual act. 
We visited Castleberry's home in Visalia, but all we got was a woman shouting through the door that they had no comment. 
Meanwhile, we did get to talk to another key player in this case, Attorney Ryan Sullivan. 
"I'm the one who found the tape in Mr. Castleberry's home.  It was in a film cannister and it contained an 8 mm tape.  What was on the tape i have no idea," said Ryan Sullivan of Sullivan and Sullivan Law Corporation. 
Sullivan questions Mr. Castleberry's credibility because Sullivan says Castlberrry duped his clients into buying a fake antique. 
"My clients were sold a statue that he purported to be jade from the 1800s and it turned out to be serpentine from the mid-1900s," said Sullivan. 
In an effort to recoup $218,000, Sullivan filed a lawsuit.  Then after hearing Castleberry may have earth-shattering Kennedy-Monroe footage, he had Tulare County Sheriff's Deputies collect a film cannister along with other valuable assets in Castleberry's collection.  
"Sports memorabilia, movie memorabilia, bicycles, motorcycles, things of that nature," said Sullivan. 
All of the items were scheduled to be auctioned off at Jack and Jeff transfer company in Visalia on Tuesday morning.  However, the auction was cancelled the day before as Castleberry beat the deadline to come up with the money to buy his property back, settling all of his outstanding debt. 
Reporter:  What was your reaction when you heard he paid his debt?   
"Surprised slightly, but I had heard there were people wanting to bail him out," said Sullivan. 
So does this reel really contain steamy footage of the politicians and Hollywood star?  Sullivan is highly skeptical. 
"If the statue was fake, why is the tape real and vice versa?" questioned Sullivan. 
Castleberry has reportedly said that very soon he will let the whole world see what's on that piece of film.
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