Jose Ramirez Visits KSEE24 Sunrise

Jose Ramirez Visits KSEE24 Sunrise

Avenal native Jose Ramirez stopped by the KSEE24 Sunrise studios to talk about his visit to Childrens' Hospital Central California and his next fight October 25th in "Fight For Water 3" at Selland Arena.

GEORGE TAKATA: before heading to southern california to train for his next bout which is october 25th in fresno - selland arena for fight for water 3 - valley olympian boxer jose ramirez is stopping by children's hospital later today to meet with patients and their families - here to talk about "sparring" with patients and give us a preview of his upcoming bout is jose himself - here he is - thanks for coming out.

JOSE RAMIREZ: thanks for having me.

GEORGE TAKATA: really appreciate it - you're 11-0 - light welterweight - things are going really well for your career - we'll talk to you about that in a little bit but talk about the kids and going to the hospital today and what that's going to be like.

JOSE RAMIREZ: i'm actually very excited - i'm very excited to go and visit the kids there -  I know they're going through tough times - as a kid growing up nothing was smooth - we had to work hard - had to continue staying motivated - my goal today is to go in and try and inspire and try to motivate them and besides that to go out and have a fun day - have a great day with the kids, sign autographs, give pictures - i'm also going to be giving away tickets for this upcoming fight - the kids can come see me fight october 25th so i'll be giving them free tickets.

GEORGE TAKATA: you'll be there from noon to 1:30 - you say you want to try and inspire the kids - but these kids are fighting for their lives - how much are they an inspiration to you?

JOSE RAMIREZ: exactly - a lot - it's going to be very motivating for myself - i'm going to be motivated just by seeing them - seeing the way they're fighting through life - it's really going to inspire me and it's really  going to make me a person who appreciates life more - can't take nothing for granted so they're going to continue to motivate me to stay hungry.

GEORGE TAKATA: that's awesome - you are 11-0 now - a far cry from where you were in that starbucks in kettleman city - fight for water 3 october 25th -  to raise awareness for the need for water in the valley - how important is that for you to fight here for where you're from here in the valley and to raise awareness for what we need so much?

JOSE RAMIREZ: well I grew up in avenal california - a very small town - it's a farming community -  my parents worked in the fields - there's still a lot of my friends who work in the fields as part time jobs to pay for their cars and college - it

's a big meaning because I lived it - that was my life - my dad works in agriculture still so i still know what it means to have those jobs and with a lack of water - the farmers, everyone - they're not able to provide those jobs - and it also affects everyone economically - the economy is affected in a negative way so it's very important to fight for this water - it's like fighting for our people - you've got to be the voice of those who don't have that confidence to be able to speak even though they  might not be ok with it - they feel like they just get satisfied with something - that's why they have people like us - those who fight and those who help them be that voice - it's going to be great - it's going to be good for the valley - it's good entertainment - top rank is the biggest in the business in boxing - they're going to be there and i'm going to be co-promoting with them - there's probably going to be celebrities there too so it's going to be a great event.

GEORGE TAKATA: jose ramirez - thanks for coming in, man - thanks for all you do with the kids, raising awareness for water good luck - hopefully you'll be 12-0 - we'll be right back.

JOSE RAMIREZ: thank you.

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