Jaywalker struck by car on Shaw Ave. in Fresno

Jaywalker struck by car on Shaw Ave. in Fresno

Fresno Police are investigating an accident involving a vehicle versus a pedestrian. The man was reportedly crossing the street illegally when he was struck by the car.
One man is in critical condition after being struck by a car on Shaw Ave. near Sixth St. 

According to investigators the accident happened around 9 p.m. Saturday evening. 

The man was reportedly attempting to cross the street illegally or "jaywalking" when he was struck by a car. 

The driver of the car did stop and is not currently facing any charges.

Police say this decision to jaywalk is what likely caused the collision.

"We all make decisions and we have to be responsible for those decisions. I can tell you on a street like Shaw with speed limits around 40 to 45 mph. Even under the best conditions, best lighting, best roadway conditions it takes a vehicle several hundred feet to stop," said Sgt. Ronald Grimm, Fresno Police Department.

The accident also caused parts of Shaw Ave. to be closed for a few hours. 

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