Inspectors Survey Damage Left by Napa Earthquake

Inspectors Survey Damage Left by Napa Earthquake

After a 6.0 magnitude earthquake rattled the city of Napa early Sunday morning, inspectors are starting to survey the damage left behind.
Day 2 in Napa was full of both good and bad news. 

"Our fear is that the building is going to get red tagged and it will take way long to come back in and open up again," said Sheryl Harper, Artists of the Valley Gallery.

Sheryl Harper helps run Artists of the Valley gallery, which was hard hit by Sunday's earthquake. Building inspectors found significant damage, enough to shut it down for now.

Like about 100 buildings it received a yellow tag. 

"A yellow tag is essentially a warning, which means an owner can go into that building and clean it," said Rick Tooker, City of Napa. 

Forty-nine other buildings received red tags, stopping anyone from going inside.

Normal may be months away for Napa. Estimates place damages between 500 million and 1 billion dollars. City officials say the quake injured more than 200.

But amid the destination gestures of support. Neighbor helping neighbor through a tough time.

"I was just overwhelmed when they walked in the door. I had no idea they were coming down," said Harper.
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