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Man Found Dead Across From Church in Visalia

Shots were fired near a busy intersection and near a school.
        Shots were fired just before 10 Thursday morning on Linwood near Tulare.
        That's about a block away from an elementary school.
        When officers arrived, they found a man dead in the middle of the street.
        It was a scary situation, the shots were fired near this busy intersection and the gunmen are still on the loose.
        There were yellow markers in the street on Linwood, north of Tulare in Visalia.
        Evidence was found just inches away from a man on the ground, lifeless and face down.
        The man hasn't been identified, police say he was shot several times just before 10 Thursday morning.
        For reasons unknown and whoever pulled the trigger was gone before officers could get there.
        Police closed off the scene briefly placed a nearby elementary school on lockdown and searched the area.
looking for anything to help track down the killer, or killers.
        We talked with a friend of the victim. He said the victim was young man who was trying to improve his life and was walking home from work when he was shot.
         According to early reports, investigators were searching for a pick up truck.
        If you have any information, you should call police.

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