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Special Report: Day in the Life of a CHP Helicopter Pilot

One young man's journey to become a qualified law enforcement helicopter pilot.
        The Central Valley is fortunate to have three law enforcement helicopters patrolling our sky.
        One of which is the California Highway Patrol's "H-40".
        It performs everything from pursuits to search and rescue missions, however, becoming qualified to pilot this chopper is no easy task.
        It's a risk which takes a significant amount of time, dedication and money.
        CBS 47's Tony Botti flew with the crew.
        He shows us how one young man took a leap of faith to serve his community...
        It's the fourth of July. No telling how busy or slow it will be today. H-40 is ready to go, so we took a ride and find out.
        Piloting the helicopter is 34-year old CHP officer, Chris Barrett.
        Flight officer, Andrea brown also joined us.
        The tower clears us, and we are ready for lift off.
        Once we reach the sky, H-40 becomes available to a large pool of agencies anything from Modesto to the grapevine is their responsibility.
        Barrett has a lot on his mind he's monitoring gauges, listening to scanner traffic and watching out for other aircraft.
        Just to be eligible to fly a person must have their commercial & instrument ratings, 300 hours of pilot-in-command time, and 2 years experience as a ground officer.
        He landed a job after spending only two months on the eligibility list.
        California's budget has now improved to the point where H-40 is available to fly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
        Watch the above video for a more extensive report.
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