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Garden of Innocence providing dignified burials for unidentified/abandoned children

The Garden of Innocence is helping Fresno County bury unidentified and abandoned children in the most dignified manner possible.
Each year countless children die here in the Central Valley and their bodies go unclaimed.

It's a troubling problem but one the Garden of Innocence hopes to bring to an end.

The non-profit relies on donations to give unclaimed children the burial they deserve and Saturday dozens gathered in Fresno to lay seven kids to rest.

Their stories often grab the headlines then quickly slip away.

"Everybody reads those articles and says who could do something like that," said Elissa Dave, Founder Garden of Innocence.

For Elissa Dave, it was the story of a baby left in the trash that turned her world upside down.

After a month she called the coroner and learned he was still unclaimed. The question she asked next started all of this.

"I asked him how do you claim a baby that's not yours and he said who me you have a dignified place for him to be buried. So this is how guardian started," said Dave.

On this day, seven children were laid to rest at Mountain View Cemetery in Fresno.

The latest of dozens to be given the final rights that once were out of reach.

"Whether they were taken from us early or our grandparents they need to be shown the love and dignity of a final resting place," said Dave.
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