Future Prospects Baseball Central

Future Prospects Baseball Central

Fresno baseball and softball players now have a new training ground they can visit to sharpen their skills.
Future Prospects Baseball Central is a 12,000 square foot facility featuring batting cages, pitching mounds, training tools and private lessons.  It's located on Gates Avenue in northwest Fresno, directly behind the Costco on Shaw Ave.  It has been open for three months.

13-year old Jeremy Brophy made his first visit and right off the bat his dad was impressed.

"I can say this much, I've never seen one in Fresno like this," said Don Brophy, a parent.
The fully climate-controlled, state of the art facility offers equipment professional players use.

"We work with little leagues, we work with high schools, we work with colleges," said Charles Scott, owner of Future Prospects Baseball Central.

Owner Charles Scott was operating one of these facilities in San Rafael when he noticed a need in Fresno.

"Fresno is a unique market in that you have so many more athletes partaking in baseball," said Scott.
Scott brings a high level of expertise.  He pitched for the Indians, Twins and Mariners in the late 80s and early 90s, then later worked as a major league scout.

"That's honestly what I thought would be a difference maker down here," said Scott.

There are six baseball batting cages featuring Iron Mike machines that throw between 40 and 90 mph.  The two softball machines deliver more than just fastballs.

"The softball machines throw breaking balls, sliders, sinkers and those types of things," said Scott.

There are bullpens complete with clay mounds and a training area with different devices like hitting tees and a heavy bag.

"You can utilize all of them as opposed to having to go buy them individually for yourself," said Scott.
Scott encourages serious players to sign-up for a monthly membership, like a gym, to better allow them to perfect their stance, swing and follow-through.

"when you're able to come in utilize the machine repetitively, you're obviously going to accelerate the learning curve much quicker," said Scott.

Scott and his instructors also offer one-on-one lessons.

Kelley Peirsol noticed a dramatic improvement with her 8-year old son in just one session.

"He's pitching the way he should instead of the way he wants to, so I'm glad I found out about it and we'll definitely be back," said Kelley Peirsol, a parent.
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