Fresno State-USC Preview

Fresno State-USC Preview

Former Bulldog and six-year NFL veteran Cameron Worrell visited KSEE24 Sunrise to talk about Saturday's showdown between Fresno State and nationally ranked USC.
GEORGE TAKATA: the fresno state footballers will have a whole new look this year - but the opening day opponent is the same as the last opponent in 2013, usc - our football analyst cameron worrell of 940 e-s-p-n radio joined me on ksee 24 sunrise to preview the big game and give us his thoughts on the two quarterback system.

CAMERON WORRELL: "I like one quarterback that gets in a rhythm, that leads an offense but brandon connette was successful in doing this at duke so he's had some success coming off the bench and sparking an offense - I think someone's going to separate themselves eventually this season but starting out we're going to see both of these guys play.

GEORGE TAKATA: i don't like the 2 quarterback thing either - i remember jim arellanes and richie donati splitting time in the sweeney era and that didn't work out either, and then the sean norton-tom brandstater thing a few years later - that didn't work out either -so i'm a little concerned with this but they do have josh harper and then marteze waller and josh quezada returning on offense so that's good for them.

CAMERON WORRELL: yeah - the one good thing about this offense this season as opposed to last season is they're going to run the ball a lot more and brandon connette and brian burrell  are both much more capable of running that zone read that is built in this offense than derek carr was - derek carr could have run the ball last year but he was way too important to take off and run - these 2 guys are going to run the football - and then adds another element to dave schramm's offense we really didn't see last year so you're not gonna have  5,000 yards passing - you're not gonna have davante adams catching 25 touchdowns like we had last season but this offense is going to be a little bit more dynamic in the run game and i think it'll help both these 2 quarterbacks get comfortable early in the season.

GEORGE TAKATA: defense there's veterans all over the place - tyeler davison down low, ejiro ederaine in the linebacker spot and derron smith in the secondary so they're very very solid veteran-wise, right?

CAMERON WORRELL: yeah - they're front 7 they

're all returning other than a couple pieces up front but tyeler davison moves outside, maurice poyadue comes in at the nose which will make their run defense a ton better because he's a big body taking up space - all 4 linebackers are coming back and then phillip thomas was here a couple years ago and i think derron smith is better than phillip thoams was his senior season an all-american season - this guy does it all - he's a leader on that defense - the biggest move this offseason was him coming back for his senior season - he's gonna lead that secondary, those inexperienced corners and help them out - defensively this team  will be way better - we saw what happened at san jose state last year that cost these guys a bcs bowl game - they're gonna be much improved  this year and help this team stay in games to help these young quarterbacks.

GEORGE TAKATA: the bulldogs are going to be seeing a lot of cody kessler - how do you see this thing playing out - usc is a 20 plus point favorite - they're at home - it's their opener - new coach steve sarkisian - lots of hype for them - gonna be a tough challenge for fresno state.

CAMERON WORRELL: obviously it's a tough challenge for fresno state - a top 15 team in the polls - the best team in fresno state history last season got beat by 25 so that's the test they're facing - if fresno state can run the football, control the clock - pressure cody kessler  and get the ball out of his hands earlier than he wants to - they have a chance to win - but it's going to take some big explosive plays on offense and sacks and turnovers on defense  to give them a chance.

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