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Fresno Senior Couple Wins $1 Million From Lotto Scratcher

The Fresno couple put $20 down on two new black exclusive scratcher cards, and one had a single winning number.

They've worked hard all their lives and it paid off.

A senior couple from Fresno is a million dollars richer tonight, after
scratching a new exclusive lottery ticket. The winning ticket was sold at Elite
Liquors in Northwest Fresno.

Lemor Abrams joins us live with more on the winning ticket.

If you ever wonder how it feels to be a millionaire, just as Willy

"I'm so...my stomach is so upset...i'm just ...Too much," said Willy.

It was too much to handle at first, but Willy-88 years-old, and her husband
Pete-93-years-old, have faced the reality: they just won a million dollars from
a lottery scratcher ticket.

"Well we usually get one kind of ticket and she only had two left so I
said...give em to my husband," said Willy.

Tuesday morning, they did what they do everyday...head to Elite Liquors down
the street from home...put down $20 on two new black exclusive scratcher
tickets, and returned home to scratch.

"The first number I said...all these numbers what in the world? And I said to
my husband...is that a million dollars? And we both turn pale!," said Willy.

The man she bought the ticket from was pretty emotional himself! He's getting
a $5,000 retailer commission.

"Five thousand dollars from a million dollars...not bad so I can take a few
days off," said Owner of Elite Liquors Bob Bhaurla.

But Willy, and her husband didn't waste time. They headed straight for the
district lotto office in Fresno to cash in.

"We have our higher price point game. Twenty, ten, five dollar, so when you
get into that category of price point that's when you see our higher pay out,"
said Henry Hernandez with the CA Lottery Office.

Willy never thought she'd be hit with a stroke of luck...mainly because she
says she was born on an unlucky day.

"I always liked to, but I never thought it would! I was born on the Friday
the 13th ...Hahah," she said.

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