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Fresno Radio DJ's Public Cancer Fight

KISS Country's Jody Jo goes public with her breast cancer diagnosis, hoping to help other women take charge of their health care.
You can hear Jody Jo each morning, joking around with Gnarley Charley on KISS Country Radio. But she recently shared some devastating news - the 38-year-old host felt a lump during a self-exam. Turns out, it's stage two breast cancer. If she waited until her first mammogram at 40, doctors say she might not have made made it.

After telling her family, Jody decided she would tell her listeners, too.

"It was not even a question in my mind that I would go on the air with this," Jody says. "I wanted to go public as soon as I could. I wanted to make sure that I tell as many women that'll listen to me - check yourself!"

Jody's doctors believe her prognosis is good, but she faces a tough battle - six months of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, reconstructive surgery...and a hysterectomy. Genetic testing found that she has a 50% chance of developing ovarian cancer, too. Since going public, Jody's "Pink Ribbon" Facebook page has received more than 2,600 likes, listeners have been sending get-well cards and presents...and her co-host has been selling t-shirts he designed, with proceeds going to Fresno County's chapter of "Guardians of the Ribbon".

Gnarley Charley says, "She's tough. That's the way she is. Get it done, no nonsense."

 "I'm not cancer," Jody Jo adds. "I'm not cancer patient #69441. I am Jody Jo. I have a life. I have beautiful daughters that I will still raise. I have a normal life. I'm not gonna let it define me."

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