Fresno Police Skywatch Locates Marijuana Grows

Fresno Police Skywatch Locates Marijuana Grows

With tips from area residents Fresno Police locate marijuana grows.
Press Release Regarding April Marijuana Grows

As the weather continues to warm in Fresno, outdoor marijuana grows are becoming more prevalent. With complaints coming in from citizens, Fresno Police Narcotic Detectives rely on the police department’s Sky Watch Unit to help locate these illegal grows. Backyard marijuana grows are often not noticeable from the street, but there are multiple indicators that lead detectives to suspect someone may be growing marijuana. Other than the strong smell of fresh marijuana, plastic tarp structures and extended fence heights are common with outdoor grows.

During the month of April, detectives with the Fresno Police Departments Major Narcotics Unit responded to 16 houses, primarily in the southern part of the city. Detectives arrested 9 suspects, seized 36 lbs of processed marijuana, and seized 3,995 live marijuana plants from large scale outdoor marijuana operations. Some of the suspects arrested, were caught in the act of trimming marijuana plants. None of the suspects arrested had a medical marijuana recommendation card, and admitted the recommendation card found at one of the residences, belonged to an unknown subject they had never met.

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Anyone with information on marijuana grows within the city are urged to call the Fresno Police Departments Narcotics Hotline at 621-5900.

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