Fresno Police Investigate Suspicious Death of Baby Boy

Fresno Police Investigate Suspicious Death of Baby Boy

Police say the baby boy stopped breathing.

Police continue to investigate the suspicious death of a baby

Officers got a call around 11'O'clock Monday

They found a 10-month-old boy who had stopped breathing.

It happened at a home on McKinley Avenue near Millbrook... in Central

CPS officials have removed other children from the house.

Lemor Abrams updates us from the scene.

The house was silent Monday night.

But that morning...detectives were there, asking a lot of questions, as the
coroner removed the baby's body from the house.

"That's just sad. I don't understand people like that," said Lacy Hafeli who
lives nearby.

Police arrived at the house at 11am, but neighbors say they heard mom
screaming a couple hours earlier.

"I just think that's messed up if you knew your baby was dead, why didn't you
call an hour ago? Why would you leave your baby sitting there? That's sad," said

Police are calling the death suspicious, but no one's in custody.

These are the worst of the worst. We've got to be very careful... very
cautious in a time like this. Accusations are easy to throw around but we have
to be correct," said Lt. Don Gross of the Fresno Police Dept.

The boy's parents have other kids.

CPS arrived early and were only seen removing the kids later.

"Our child abuse detectives are investigating. We're not sure of the
circumstance. But at this point it's very early in the investigation," said Lt.

An autopsy is being conducted.

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