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Fresno Mayor running for State Controller

Ashley Swearengin files papers to run for state office
There may soon be a power struggle within Fresno City Council as election season heats up.

"We have a new candidate come in yesterday. Mayor Swearengin has pulled papers to run for state controller," said Fresno County Clerk Brandy

The second term mayor still has three years to go before she terms out and would have to resign if elected.

Her work is cut out for her, with most of the votes for statewide office coming from the Bay Area and down South.

"Well it's a big state and it is a big race. It would be a steep climb for the person in city hall here in Fresno," said Mayor Ashley

A vacancy in the mayor's office would shake things up.

District Two Councilman Steve Brandau is Council President, the seat of power if Swearengin resigns.

"What I heard from a city attorney today is that if the mayor's term is cut short for whatever reason, if she runs for office and is successful then council
president becomes the temporary mayor," said Councilman Steve Brandau.

Brandau isn't sure how long that would last until a special election takes place to fill the mayor's spot.

But first Swearengin would have to overcome two democratic candidates in a state that doesn't generally vote Republican.

She feels her experience in office has prepared her for the next level to oversee California's finances.

"It has been a rough five years but we've packed a lot in. Frankly, we've done ten budgets in the last five years. We've managed to keep the city out of
bankruptcy," said Swearengin.

Experience she plans to take somewhere else.



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