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Fresno Mayor: Public Safety, Jobs, Neighborhood Revitalization Focus of Upcoming U.S. Conference of Mayors

Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin will attend the yearly U.S. Conference of Mayors in Dallas, TX. She'll join more than 200 mayors to discuss a variety of issues and work on public policies. Swearengin says she'll focus on job creation, public safety and neighborhood revitalization.

Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin will be heading to Dallas, TX, at the end of the week for the yearly U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Swearengin will join more than 200 mayors to discuss a variety of issues.

Swearengin says job creation, public safety and neighborhood revitalization will be top of mind at the conference.

This conference may be the mayor's last as she is running for state controller.

At the conference, which runs Friday to Monday, Swearengin will meet with leaders of other cities, business executives, and other officials.

She says Fresno's rebound from the recession is the focus.

"We need to do more in California to make that possible, and here in Fresno we roll out the red carpet for industrial jobs creators, particularly in the manufacturing sector. So certainly hope to help lead that discussion in Dallas," Swearengin says.

Mayors at the conference will work on creating policies and finding federal dollars to support them.

More police on the streets is an area of public safety Swearengin says she'd like to improve.

"Our resolution is focused on the importance of the COPS grant program, which funds police officers at the local level," Swearengin says.

While also running for state office, Swearengin is balancing the daily duties of being mayor to California's fifth largest city.

The city council is days away from passing the city's annual budget.

"We will be putting behind us some of the darkest financial days that our city has seen. We'll be retiring all of our internal debt by the beginning of next fiscal year, and we'll actually be in the position to improve staffing levels in our city," Swearengin says.

During the recession, about 1,000 city jobs were eliminated, Swearengin says.

"This year's budget has about 3,200 employees, so we are seeing some staffing levels come back, and of course we've prioritized police, new cadets, firefighters as our top priority for returning those staffing levels," Swearengin says.

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