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Fresno Inn Condemned

Dozens living at The Fresno Inn are looking for new homes.
        Dozens living at the Fresno Inn are looking for new homes.
        There's still a lot of action happening here as people try to move out and find a new place to live.
        The City of Fresno condemned the building Wednesday after finding a gas leak.
        They say this place is to dangerous to for anyone.
        Resident, Robert Fowler said for years the landlord has done nothing to keep up any of the apartments.
        Now the City of Fresno is shutting the entire place down.
        Electricians, plumbers, the fire department all evaluated Fresno Inn Wednesday that's when they found a gas leak and had to turn off electricity to the entire complex, leaving dozens without homes.
        The City and local organizations are working to get everyone in a bed..
        The City said the owner has a legal responsibility to help get people into new housing.
        They say if he doesn't they will take legal action against him

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