Fresno Food Expo: Locally Grown Gluten-Free Rice Chips, Puffs

Fresno Food Expo: Locally Grown Gluten-Free Rice Chips, Puffs

Learn more about these locally grown and made rice chips and puffs that will be featured at Thursday's Fresno Food Expo.
This Thursday, dozens of valley businesses will be showing off their delicious food products at the nation's largest regional food expo, the Fresno Food Expo. 

All week on Sunrise, we've been showcasing local business and their products that will be featured at the expo.

Wednesday, Brad Alexander of Warnock Foods brought in locally made and grown rice chips and puffs:

BRAD: "They're all gluten-free made of organic brown rice. We try to keep everything local so even the rice comes from the Sacramento area and a lot of the other ingredients do, too."

CARINA: "Alright. So you've got a whole host here. There's rich chips, rice puffs. These are amazing the sweet and spicy I just tried some of those. Where can people find your snacks?"

BRAD: "You can find all the rice chips at Whole Foods here in Fresno. They're a great partner of ours. You can also find them at Sprouts and other local companies like Bouquet of Fruits and Peeve's Local Markets, Kristina's Ranch Market. We've been there quite a long time and they're really popular with people."

CARINA: "As I was reading, if people haven't tried these snacks under these names you also supply to  some big names." 

BRAD: "We sure do. We are WARNOCK FOODS PRODUCTS out of Madera . We primarily make tortilla chips and tostada bowls and do packing for a lot of other companies. We've been doing that for 28 years. But the best place to try these products is at the Fresno Food Expo."

CARINA: "Talking with other businesses this is a big opportunity for local businesses to really get their name out there because not only do customers and consumers go there to find out about local products but also some big name buyers go there."

BRAD: "Definitely. A lot of the big name grocery chains will be there and that's why all the local vendors turn out for it. Also we see a lot of international buyers there as well so it's really nice to see local products going out all over the world."

CARINA: "Something to be proud that's for sure. Thanks so much for coming in good luck."

BRAD: "Thank you very much."

The 2014 Fresno Food Expo will be held Thursday, July 24, at the Fresno Convention & Entertainment Center new exhibit hall. It's open to the public from 5pm-8pm and tickets can be purchased for $40.

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