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Fresno Father to Push Disabled Son in Boston Marathon

You might have seen Jim and Colby Wagoner at Woodward Park. But now this father and son are setting their eyes on the Boston Marathon.

Thousands will compete in the Boston Marathon this April. But one local runner's story really caught our attention.

Lemor Abrams has more on an amazing father-son challenge.

You might have seen them running at Woodward Park.

But now this father and son are setting their eyes on the Boston Marathon, one of the world's most famous runs.

"It's kind of something special for the two of us," said Wagoner.

Jim Wagoner is 65, and born to run. But after son many times of buckling up his 18-year old son in a jogger...he's discovered he's just like any other
dad...who wants to see his kid happy.

"You have to ask yourself is Colby too big? No

Am I too old? Hopefully not. And why should I stop?," he said.

Jim and Colby train seven days a week, up to four hours a day. Dad pushes Colby for miles...up hills...down hills, until his muscles can't take no more...as long as he sees his son smile.

"I get what I call hippo kisses a lot. Which is a smack of affection. Put it right there on the side of my head," he said.

Affection so strong...dad forgets Colby is both physically and intellectually
disabled, with a severe case of autism.

"You can't go to a restaurant with colby but you can do this," he said.

And a year after the Boston bombing that killed three and injured hundreds, they're not just a two-man team. They're Boston Strong.

"We're not going to be intimidated. And I want to support that too," he said.

They'll be joined by more than 30,000 other runners. But for dad, it's just another run in the park, and there's only one winner.

Dad's Mission:

Jim Wagoner is running the Boston Marathon in support of the Massachusetts
Down Syndrome Congress. The mission is to promote acceptance and inclusion.
Already the father and son have raised thousands for the cause. Jim says that
while Colby doesn't have Down Syndrome, the MDSC's mission represents their own.

Supporters can contribute to Team Wagoner at


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