Fresno Baton Twirler Headed to World Championships

Fresno Baton Twirler Headed to World Championships

Local baton twirler performs live on Sunrise before heading off to the world championships in England.
 A Fresno baton twirler is heading to the World Baton Twirling Championships in England next week. She'll be going for the gold for Team USA in the Junior Women's Team as an alternate.

Alessandra Stone had this to say about her skills before giving Sunrise viewers a live demonstration.

ALESSANDRA: "I started competing individually when I was ten. My mom was a world champion. She won in 1982 in Tokyo, Japan so I wanted to follow in  her footsteps."

CARINA: "Wow. And obviously you're doing well if you're headed to the world championships. Do you also perform locally?"

ALESSANDRA: "Yes, I do. I used to go to Clovis West and I would perform at all the football and basketball games and this year I'll be enrolled there again. So if you ever have some free time on a Friday night come watch me at a football game."

CARINA: "We're going to see your demonstration live right now and your mom is actually going to give us a play-by-play because there are certain techniques to baton twirling."

ALESSANDRA: "Yes there is, there's many different tricks, rolls, anything you can imagine."

CARINA: "What do you think your best skill is?"

ALESSANDRA: "My best skill would have to be rolls. It's where you roll the baton around your neck, around your arms, on your elbows, anything having to do with the upper body."

CARINA: "Very impressive. I always think it's so impressive when you guys throw the baton high in the air and you're able to catch it. Are you able to do that as well?"

ALESSANDRA: "Yes, yes, competitively I probably toss the baton anywhere between 50 and 60 feet."

CARINA: "Well, we'd love to see you in action. Like I said, your mom Yolanda is standing right here and she's going to give us the play-by-play. So without further ado, take it away. Alright mom, give us the play-by-play."

YOLANDA: "Here she is tossing and doing a two spin and what we call contact material keeping it real tight and fast and close to the body and flip, flip, flip, flips, which is something Americans do really well. And now she's doing what we call rolls, which is completely rolling around the upper body on the elbows, arm rolls those are called individual pops and here we go back into a Fujimi roll and pops catch behind the head, back hand catches and what not. There we go."

CARINA: "So impressive! And mom you actually competed, as your daughter was saying, on the world class level, as well?"

YOLANDA: "Yes back in 1982 I competed for about two years individually and was very fortunate to travel on the world team and go to Tokyo, Japan and Nice, France the year before and now my daughter is the alternate for the Junior Women's Team and so barring no injury on anybody we'd love to see her twirl but we're there as an alternate with the opportunity of a life time. What an experience."

CARINA: "You must be so proud. We are proud. Representing Fresno at the World Championships. We wish you the best of luck and thanks for coming here."

ALESSANDRA: "Thank you for coming here. I had such an amazing time and I cannot wait to experience the world championships."

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