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Fresno and Clovis Councilmembers Meet Under One Roof

It's a brand new way of doing city businesses...
We're used to seeing them in their own chambers. But Tuesday night, councilmembers from Clovis and Fresno came together in one room.

"Just workshop between these two elected official bodies," said a councilmember.

The idea...they're two neighbors talking across the fence...a common fence, sharing ideas.

"Taking ideas... Listening to eachother and different opinions and ideas... We owe that to our citizens," said Fresno Council President Steve Brandau.

Fresno Council President Brandau and Clovis Mayor Ashbeck led the forum, with two topics picked for discussion: water and bike trails.

"We share the metro area there is not a wall that divides the two cities," Clovis Mayor Lynne Ashbeck.

One idea...sharing maintenance or widening bike trails, which Ken Herrington rides all the time.

"I've always thought it ridiculous for one entitity that you have a bike lane and then there's nothing...so what do you do...you're out there in the middle of nowhere," said Ken Herrington.

From bike paths to water pipelines, the two cities are also talking about making the most of the groundwater they share.

"The acquafer that we have under here is huge. And if we're pumping  and they're recharding its kinna like-okay they're paying bill and we're getting benefits...it should be both," he said.

...which is why both sides are trying to figure out how to think outside the box...
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