For Clovis Woman, Breast Cancer Hits Close to Home

For Clovis Woman, Breast Cancer Hits Close to Home

A mammogram revealed the bad news about two years ago.
A local woman has joined the effort to fight Breast Cancer, especially after that fight hit very close to home.

It's a perfect day for a stroll. Tejinder Purewal and her little dog Gizmo are taking advantage of the mild fall weather. Tejinder actually likes to walka and even runs.
Here she is after completing a half marathon.

aising money in the fight against breast cancer is personal for Tejinder. Three and a half years ago, she waged a battle herself when a mammogram revealed the worst possible news, she had breast cancer. At first doctors thought they caught it early, but a biopsy revealed the cancer had spread.

"Turns out the initial tumor that they hit was not the actual cancer. There was a 2nd tumor behind close to the chest wall,' said Purewal.

Surgery and treatment followed and now about two years later, Tejinder feels it's important to share her message.

"I think it's really really important that people go out there and get their mammograms and do what they have to do, do what they have to do."

Tejinder, who's a registered nurse, participated in the Race for the Cure before she had cancer but now that she's lived the fight, it's meaning has deepened.

"I got diagnosed and just all of a sudden it wasn't just a race I went to run or join, it became my cause."

A few steps and a few dollars go a long way in the fight against cancer. Tejinder Purewall of Clovis will contribute on Saturday. She's looking forward to joining the thousands of other who will do the same. 
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