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Flight diverted when baby stops breathing

Fresno man says he did CPR on the baby in mid flight
Emergency landing for a baby who stopped breathing on an airliner.
The traumatic situation is caught on cell phone video.
It happened Tuesday night on a flight from Tampa to Phoenix.
45 minutes after passengers stepped in, the plane was on the ground in Houston.
A man from Fresno was onboard and says he helped save the baby's life.
The 1994 Bullard High Graduate lives in Tampa.
He was flying home to Fresno to visit family when the flight took a dramatic turn.
That was when his experience as a CPR instructor kicked in.
"We have had a medical emergency onboard today," a flight attendant said over the plane's intercom, alerting passengers the airliner was being diverted.
Cell phone video shows the patient, a 15-month-old baby boy named Gary being cared for by Garrett Goodwin.
"It was traumatic for people on the plane to see this big monster guy come running down the aisle with a blue baby," said Goodwin.
According to Goodwin, little Gary stopped breathing and was having seizures.
"It was 'Smurf blue," said Goodwin.
The former Army medic from Fresno and current CPR instructor seen in the video among a small group of passengers and crew trying desperately to keep the toddler alive at the front of the plane.
"Working a cardiac arrest on a 15-month-old baby is not what you want to do at 30,000 feet with limited resources and limited space," said Goodwin.
He claims he performed CPR on the baby.
Within a minute, he was breathing on his own.
"Ladies and gentlemen, sorry the baby's crying but if he's crying he's breathing. They started clapping and there was that emotional breath of fresh air for the plane," said Goodwin.
"The miracle on flight 678. God put those folks on that plane and needed them there to take care of that baby," said another passenger.
Back in his grandmother's arms after a scary flight to pick him up from foster care, after strangers stepped in saving his young life.
It was a close call for the baby who is reportedly doing fine now.
According to Goodwin, the ordeal should serve as a reminder that everyone should have CPR training.
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