Fire Destroys Neighborhood Playground

Fire Destroys Neighborhood Playground

Fresno Fire investigators are searching for the people responsible for burning a jungle gym near Shields and Temperance.
As flames roared through a neighborhood jungle gym, it generated a response you might only expect from kids curiously looking on.

“We were all, fire truck, fire truck. Aiden it's a real fireman,” said Nadia, a little girl who lives nearby.

The fire broke out just before sunset at a park in a subdivision located near Shields and Temperance.

The plume of thick black smoke is what Stacie Estacio witnessed as she drove home from work.  She immediately called 911.

“My biggest concern was whether there were children at the park playing,” said Stacie Estacio, a witness.

Fortunately, they were not.  But the pile of scorched metal and melted plastic still leaves a feeling of pain behind for parents and kids who relied on the slides and monkey bars for fun and exercise.

“We usually come out every day, but now that's not going to be happening. So it's a sad, sad day for the park,” said Justin Tucker, a homeowner.

Investigators with the Fresno Fire Department collected evidence hoping to get to the bottom of who may be behind this reckless act.

Meanwhile, little ones have other more immediate concerns.

“I hope they rebuild it soon,” said Nadia.

The neighborhood is part of a homeowners association, so residents will likely have to foot the bill to fix the playground.

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