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Fire Damages 10 Apartments in Fresno

A mother and her two small children were sent to the hospital with minor burns.
The fire broke out around 7:30 Friday evening in east central Fresno.  It was located at the Parkwood apartment complex on Shields Avenue near Sierra Vista.

An investigator says the fire was caused by accident.  A box of trash apparently caught fire and quickly spread to nearby apartments.

10 units suffered smoke and or structure damage pushing folks out of their homes and on the street.  Three people were also taken to the hospital, a woman and her 4-year old son and 8-month old daughter.

“For slight burns on their hands and forehead,” said Fresno Fire Chief Kerri Donis.

“It's scary, very scary that something so fast can put so many people out of an apartment,” said Sherry Alison, who lives at the apartment complex.
Sherry and Richard Alison are grateful to the two men who alerted them that the place was on fire.

“They came down and knocked on every door up and down checking everything and making sure everyone was out.  That was pretty terrific,” said Richard Alison, who lives at the apartment complex.
The 3-alarm blaze sent four dozen firefighters to the scene.  Chief Kerri Donis says it's standard practice given the summertime heat.

“They work very hard with a lot of heavy equipment on.  They get exhausted pretty quick, so we need to rehab them out, so we bring fresh crews in, so it's a team effort,” said Chief Donis.

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