Fifth Times a Charm: New Miss California on Sunrise

Fifth Times a Charm: New Miss California on Sunrise

Miss Yosemite Valley Marina Inserra is the newly crowned Miss California. She was on Sunrise Monday morning for her first public appearance as Miss California talking about how she has competed for the title for five years.
A new Miss California was crowned here in Fresno Saturday night at the Saroyan Theater, which happened to be the 90th Anniversary of the Miss California pageant .

Miss Yosemite Valley Marina Inserra was crowned the winner. She was on Sunrise Monday morning for her first public appearance as Miss California. 

Carina: She joins us this morning, crown and all looking beautiful. I love the sash.

Marina: So do I.

Carina: (laughs) I bet you haven't taken it off since.
Marina: I'm still in shock. 

Carina:Tell us about that crowning moment. What was it like?

Marina: It was so overwhelming because everything happens so fast. You're in the top 15 .. the top 12 and then all of a sudden you're in the top 5 and then holding hands with another girl. It was so incredible to hear my name called. This is the fifth time competing for Miss California so really I want people to know that hard work and determination pay off.  

Carina: Definitely, five times and didn't give up. That goes into why you're Miss Yosemite Valley. Let's talk about that.

Marina: I'm from San Diego. It's my hometown, so having been Miss San Diego I cannot be Miss San Diego again. The Miss America pageant has open pageants in our state to give  girls like me a second, of fifth, chance to be Miss California. And I'm really grateful because over the years I earned $10,000 in scholarship money and I just doubled that this weekend and earned over $13,000 for a scholarship. 

Carina: Congratulations again. You've got all that money you said you're going to go back to school, you're also gearing up for the Miss America pageant. How do you gear up for that?

Marina: Well it's in 8 weeks. I'll be mostly preparing with physical fitness making sure I can look fantastic on TV in front of the whole world and being emotionally ready for this journey. 

Carina: Your platform is breast cancer awareness which is something so important to so many women out there, and men as well, and you'll be continuing that as well.

Marina: Absolutely, my goal is to educate women at the college age level and teaching them to be aware of the issues of breast cancer. It doesn't start when your 40. It starts a lot earlier, that's when you need to know. 

Carina:  Miss California, Marina Inserra, thanks so much for being here this morning. And congratulations in another 8 weeks for Miss America. 

Marina: Everyone watch, follow me {on Twitter} @misscaorg.

Carina: There you go, we'll definitely be rooting for you that's for sure. Miss California bring it home.

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