Family of Fresno Hit and Run Victim Looking for Answers

Family of Fresno Hit and Run Victim Looking for Answers

The family of a fatal hit and run victim is speaking out.  23 year old Leticia Del Toro was killed early Wednesday morning, when authorities say she was struck by a truck while standing on the freeway.  It happened on southbound 99 near Herndon.  The driver was later found at a nearby 7-Eleven and was booked into the Fresno County Jail.

Victim's sister Domonique Del Toro says, "I just wish I could have told her bye and I loved her.  I didn't get to tell her bye."

The raw emotion of a sister who is now forced to say goodbye too soon.

"I didn't want to believe it.  I didn't want to believe it at all.  She's gone. We just saw her Easter day and it's so unreal," says Del Toro.

Del Toro's little sister, 23 year old Leticia Del Toro, was killed in Wednesday's hit and run on Highway 99.  The family got the call hours later.

"I just keep thinking of her the pain she went through."

According to the CHP, Leticia was seen standing on the highway.  Her family says she had been in out and out of jail, didn't have a stable home and battled a drug problem, but they say they're certain she wouldn't have tried to end her life.

"She would not just stand in front of car.  I feel in my heart something there's more to it, but I don't know."

There are many questions, like why the driver of the truck that hit Leticia took off, instead of calling for help.  He and two passengers were later found just a few miles away at a 7- Eleven on Ashlan and Parkway.  Officers originally reported they were washing away evidence, but now say it appears they were using water to stop the truck from overheating.
The driver, 51 year old Caloca Lucero, was taken to jail for a felony hit and run.

Del Toro says, "It does bring a lot of peace to my heart that they have him."

What also brings some peace are the memories, like Leticia's contagious smile and the love she had for her three year old son.

The CHP says the driver of the truck did have a previous DUI conviction and speeding ticket, but no criminal history.

Leticia's family will be holding carwashes on Friday and Saturday starting at noon at the Cedar Market on Cedar and Illinois to help raise money for funeral expenses.

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