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Eyewitness News Investigates: Taken to the Cleaners?

Customers of a North Fresno dry cleaner were shocked to learn it closed shop - with their clothes still inside. CBS47's Zara Arboleda helped them track down the owner.
Heidi Thomas and Kris Payne were longtime customers of Falcon Cleaners Too at Cedar and Herndon in Fresno. The sudden closure of the store shocked them - especially since their orders were still inside. The number was already disconnected. The landlord, Better Business Bureau and City of Fresno Business License Department didn't have any contact information for the owners.

The frustrated customers contacted CBS47 Eyewitness News for help. Investigative reporter Zara Arboleda tracked down the owner and helped arrange a meeting for Thomas and Payne to claim their orders.

Turns out, Edward Davis' family had owned Falcon Cleaners Too for almost 25 years. But in recent years, they saw their profits plummet from a monthly gross of $30,000 to less than $6,400. Rent alone is almost $3,800. The Davis family also laid off 10 employees, and decided within the last month to file for bankruptcy. Edward Davis says he simply forgot to put his cell phone number on the "closed" signs. He says fewer than one dozen customers still have items at the shop.

Thomas now has her clothes back. But Payne's are missing. Davis told her to contact his bankruptcy attorney about trying to get compensation for the lost items.
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